“Wicca is a very individualized religion, in which each person chooses his or her own deities to worship. Generally, the supreme being is considered to be a genderless energy source like The Force in the Star Wars trilogy.

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This force is referred to as the All and is comprised of many different aspects of the Universe. These aspects are reflected in the masculine and feminine forces of nature, which appear in the guise of the world’s different gods and goddesses.”

"Spiritual knowledge is gained through extensive reading, as well as through personal experience. It is through personal experience that individuals learn how to live in harmony with their surroundings as they grow and progress spiritually."

“To all those who practice Wicca, the God is the symbol of virility, the fertilizing and regenerating energy force of nature. He is the personification of all that is masculine, potent, and powerful.”

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“Just like his animal counterpart, the Horned God was respected for his strength, vigor, beauty, swift movement, and protective capabilities. He represented the untamed forces of nature, and the ability to regenerate life.

It wasn’t until the advent of Christianity that he became the object of scorn, relegated to the level of evil, and the source of all human suffering.”

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“The ancient myths of Tammuz and Ishtar, Isis and Osiris, and Aphrodite and Adonis best communicate this powerful drama of life, death, and return – all products of the harvest.

This continuous cycle of growing, dying, and returning was the foundation of the Pagan mysteries that predate Christianity. It is also the primary focus of most modern Wiccan traditions.”

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“When working with Wiccan gods, keep in mind primary characteristics: The Sun God represents youth, beauty, and enlightenment; the Horned God represents maturity, masculinity, and lust;

and the Harvest God represents wisdom, protection, guardianship of the land, and continual regeneration.”

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“The waning moon saw the decline of light and was associated with the Crone, who symbolized the manifestation process and was associated with wisdom.

What was conceived on the full moon was realized during the waning moon. This was also a time of contemplation and realization of personal accomplishments.”

“To our Pagan ancestors, the Mother Goddess was both loved and feared. She was the serene benefactor in charge of life, fertility, and regeneration.

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As the Great Mother she brought forth life, and as the Terrible Mother she ruled over death and destruction. It was because of this duality that the Mother Goddess was associated with the powers of light and darkness.”

“In the Wiccan religion, to invoke the Mother Goddess is to awaken the primeval feminine nature within. The essence of the Goddess is then able to penetrate the very fiber of the individual, opening his or her mind, heart, and soul to all that is love, life, and wisdom.

The act of invoking the Mother Goddess unites the senses with the ultimate feminine power and force of all creation.”

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“The triplicity of the Goddess is an important concept within the Wiccan Religion. In her manifestation as the Virgin, the Goddess has no connection with the masculine.

However, when she ripens into the Mother, the Goddess becomes a faithful wife or the harlot who takes on many lovers.”

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“When working with Wiccan goddesses, keep in mind primary characteristics: Moon Goddess represents spiritual illumination and is the essence of magic and mystery;

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Mother Goddess represents the sensual/nurturing side of the feminine nature and is filled with grace;

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and Triple Goddess exemplifies enchantment, seductiveness, and wisdom.”

Bu dizi düşündüğümden daha güzelmiş ya 🙂

“As a religion, Wicca celebrates life, is earth and fertility oriented, and worships the divine as personified in the form of a Goddess and a God. Moreover, the Craft encourages the use of psychic power and magick to bring physical desire into fruition.”

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“One outstanding feature of the Wiccan religion is the status it accords its adherents. Women and men are both respected members of the priesthood; groups (covens) meet and worship within a circle where all are considered equal;

and individuals are encouraged to develop their own spiritual ideals and style of worship.”

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“The Wiccan religion is unique in that it lacks the hierarchical doctrine imposed by most organized religions. There is no Pope or spiritual elder to dictate morals or impose punishment.

There are no specific doctrines one must follow, other than the good sense offered by the Wiccan Rede: “An it harm none, do what ye will.””

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“Wicca is more than just a once a week trip to
church-it is a way of life.”

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“Alexandrian Wiccans make use of Kabbalah, the magical system of the ancient Hebrews, and Enochian, the magical language of angels, which has its own alphabet and grammar.”

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“Eclectic Wicca This branch of Wicca covers groups and individuals who do not follow any one tradition, but who rather incorporate the elements of several different traditions into their practices.”

“The religion acknowledges the polarity of gender and personifies this in the form of God and Goddess. Their year is divided into the God months (October through February) and the Goddess months (March through September).”

“Magic is considered to be an integral part of the religion, as are spells, omens, and charms. Talismans are used to manifest desire.”

“True in love ever be, unless thy lover’s false to thee.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, an ye harm none, do what ye will.”

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