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Klein Bio

"It was here that – in gaps between her work with psychoanalytic patients and supervisees, writing papers about The Oresteia, loneliness and Christianity – she started and re-started telling the story of her life."


"Ferenczi told me that I was gifted for this particular, and at that time still very little developed, branch of psycho-analysis, and Abraham encouraged me to settle in Berlin [‘in 1921’ inserted in pen] and to start child analysis there." #melanieklein

"I had soon started also with the psycho-analysis of adults and found what I had learnt in the analysis of children extremely helpful for the understanding of adults." #melanieklein

"Cholera was raging at that time in the villages of Poland and there were appeals for doctors to treat people. He answered the appeal, informed his family and, when he returned after several weeks or months, he found a letter from his mother imploring him not to go. #melanieklein

In contrast to other doctors, who merely stood outside the cottage windows telling the villagers to take their pulses, he went inside, treated the people in the ordinary way and did not fall ill." #melanieklein

"He was known all over the district for his knowledge and tolerance, being very liberally-minded, quite different from the orthodoxy that characterised my father’s family. He had all the German philosophers on his shelves, unlike the attitude of the bigoted rabbis." #melanieklein

"I have said that I had no orthodox upbringing. My mother seemed to keep to certain things more as memories of her childhood and devotion to her family than from religious belief. #melanieklein

She tried once to keep a kosher household, but was not successful, and seemed to give up these beliefs once the children grew up more and more against keeping them." #melanieklein

"I should have hated, though, to live in Israel. I have come, in my later life, to adopt England as my second motherland, but have strong ties of an international nature, which has some similarity with what I have been saying about my relation to Jewishness. #melanieklein

Another thing I have always hated was that some Jews, quite irrespective of their religious principles, were ashamed of their Jewish origin, and, whenever the question arose, #melanieklein

I was glad to confirm my own Jewish origin, though I am afraid that I have no religious beliefs whatever." #melanieklein

"I cannot have been more than three when I have my first memory connected with my father having his dinner before leaving to go to the Orpheum. He probably was in a hurry. I remember that I climbed up on his knee and he pushed me away. That is a painful memory." #melanieklein

"It was a painful thought to me that my father could openly state, and without consideration of my feelings, that his favourite was my oldest sister, his first-born. #melanieklein

On the other hand, I was very much loved in the family and very spoilt, in that I was given so much attention." #melanieklein

"I have no doubt, and this was told to me by mother later on, that I was unexpected. I have no particular feeling that I resent this, because, as I have stated, there was a great deal of love towards me." #melanieklein

"I do not remember ever having been punished, except on one occasion when I really provoked my father in a very cheeky way. He had suggested, when I did not want to eat something, that in his

day children were made to eat it, and I replied that what was done some hundred years ago did not count today, which I knew would annoy him. #melanieklein

He came over from his place and hit me on the shoulder. That is the only occasion on which I was smacked." #melanieklein

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