Unthought known

"From this perspective, it is suggested that the infant exists in a world of so called ‘primitive’ emotions and, therefore, that introjected objects are initially experienced in an emotional rather than a physical way."

“This is achieved by means of the mother’s countless exchanges with her child. However, the earliest levels of psychic experience are not readily available for mental representation or symbolic processing leading Bollas(1994) to call this form of “knowledge” the unthought known.

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"This term stands for everything that on some deep level is known, such as moods, somatic experiences and personal idiom, but which has not yet been thought, in that the phenomena have remained unavailable for mental processing."

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"Bollas’s concept of the unthought known is influenced by Bion (1984) who argues that we all have sense impressions and emotional experiences."

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"Bion (1984) suggests that there is a specific function of the personality which transforms sense impressions and emotional realities into psychic elements. These then become available for mental work by such means as thinking, dreaming, imagining and remembering."

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Bayesian Brain öğrenmeye zaman olmadı limbik sistemle idare edeceğiz şimdilik 😀

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