Marriage and Career


"Jung eventually ended the affair, to save his marriage and his career. A rumor was maliciously circulated in Vienna and Zurich about an affair he allegedly had with a student.

Initially, both Jung and Freud thought Spielrein was the origin of the scandal as an act of revenge against Jung for ending their relationship. Together, Jung and Freud plotted against her."

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"However, it turned out that they had accused her unjustly. Spielrein had nothing to do with the slander of Jung."

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"Smoke and mirrors means obscuring the truth, elaborate deception, trickery. Smoke and mirrors is often used in describing political obfuscation, and sometimes the machinations of big business.

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The phrase smoke and mirrors echoes the tools magicians use in elaborate stage illusions. The idea was coined by American newspaperman, Jimmy Breslin in his book Notes from Impeachment Summer, published in 1975. The book deals with the Watergate scandal.

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The pertinent sentence: “All political power is primarily an illusion… Mirrors and blue smoke, beautiful blue smoke rolling over the surface of highly polished mirrors…” In popular parlance, the idea was abbreviated into the phrase smoke and mirrors."

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"In young women, I find that a feeling of anxiety is normal and moves to the forefront of repressed feelings when the possibility of fulfilment of the wish first appears. It is a well-defined form of anxiety:

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You feel that the enemy is within; its characteristic ardour compels you, with inflexible urgency, to do what you do not want to do; you feel the end, the transient, before which you vainly may attempt to flee to an uncertain future.

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You might ask: Is this all? Is this the high point with nothing more beyond? [Consequently, we can inquire] what happens to the individual in the presence of sexual activity that justifies such a state of mind."

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