if only

"When we were in the car, quite suddenly, out of the blue, he said: “If only Melanie Klein had once, just once, said to me that she had learned something from Donald Winnicott, I would be satisfied.” I replied:
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“How very sad for her, because she cut herself off from so much learning that she could have enjoyed.”"

“I have seen in some cases that when envy of a person arises, the feeling of envy from its earliest sources is activated. Since these primary feelings are of an omnipotent nature, this reflects on the current feeling of envy experienced towards a substitute figure and contributes, therefore, both to the emotions stirred by envy as well as to despondency and guilt. It seems likely that this activation of the earliest envy by a common experience is common to everyone, but both the degree and the intensity of the feeling, as well as the feeling of omnipotent destruction, vary with the individual. This factor may prove to be of great importance in the analysis of envy for only if it can reach down to its deeper sources is the analysis likely to take full effect.”

Envy and Gratitude – Melanie Klein

“Grosskurth (1986) reported that when Klein presented “A Study of Envy and Gratitude” for the first time at the Geneva Conference in 1955, Winnicott, “stunned, held his head in his hands, muttering, ‘Oh no, she can’t do this!’ ” (p. 414).”

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if only” için bir yorum

  1. excusme. yeni açtım hesabı sadece sormak istediğim şey, ben İngilizce bilmiyorum da bide bu uygulamada benim bilmediğim bir çeviri özelliği var mı?


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