When you learn history from game of thrones show:

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When you learn history from Lacan:

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When you learn analysis from Zizek:

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Lacanians trying to understand Chomsky's 'aggresive' words:

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Me not getting Steven Pinker's jokes:

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"Fluent grammatical language can in fact appear in many kinds of people with severe intellectual impairments, like schizophrenics, Alzheimer's patients, some autistic children, and some aphasics. #psikanaliz #psychoanalysis

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One of the most fascinating syndromes recently came to light when the parents of a retarded girl with chatterbox syndrome in San Diego read an article about Chomsky's theories in a popular science magazine and called him at MIT, suggesting that their daughter might be of

interest to him. Chomsky is a paper-and-pencil theoretician who wouldn’t know Jabba the Hutt from the Cookie Monster, so he suggested that the parents bring their child to the laboratory of the psycholinguist Ursula Bellugi in La Jolla.”

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"For centuries, people have been terrified that their programmed creations might outsmart them, overpower them, or put them out of work.
#psikanaliz #psychoanalysis

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The fear has long been played out in fiction, from the medieval Jewish legend of the Golem, a clay automaton animated by an inscription of the name of God placed in its mouth, to HAL, the mutinous computer of 2001: A Space Odyssey."


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"People like Kirupano, Larry, the Hawaiian-born papaya grower, Mayela, Simon, Aunt Mae, Sarah, Mr. Ford, the K's, Denyse, and Crystal constitute a field guide to language users. They show that complex grammar is displayed across the full range of human habitats. #psychoanalysis

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You don't need to have left the Stone Age; you don't need to be middle class; you don't need to do well in school; you don't even need to be old enough for school. Your parents need not bathe you in language or even command a language.

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You don't need the intellectual wherewithal to function in society, the skills to keep house and home together, or a particularly firm grip on reality.

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Indeed, you can possess all these advantages and still not be a competent language user, if you lack just the right genes or just the right bits of brain."

The New Science of Language and Mind

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I watched Steven Pinker's introduction to psychology during the lockdown days and he ruined some of my beliefs about education. 😄
#psikanaliz #psychoanalysis

“Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one.”
Steven Pinker, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.

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"Chomsky is a pencil-and-paper theoretician who wouldn't know Jabba the Hutt from the Cookie Monster,"
— Steven Pinker (The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language)

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No drama here. 😒😄

Nude Academy

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