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"Winnicott understood the importance of parties for his colleagues, in contrast with the rather precious attitudes of some of them. I remember particularly his pleasure in the party he helped to arrange for Melanie Klein’s seventy-fifth birthday. #psikanaliz #psychoanalysis

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This was followed by a party for Joan Riviere’s seventieth birthday in 1958— which was more tricky to organize because Joan Riviere did not want to invite Melanie Klein to it.

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I think Paula Heimann helped to sort the situation out and Mrs Klein came to it for a short time."

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“In 1954 he [Winnicott] wrote to Roger Money-Kyrle as follows: I found myself getting annoyed talking to you last night. I did not want to leave it like that as I have a great respect for you, and not a little affection.

I think what irritated me was that I faintly detected in your attitude this matter of a party line, a matter to which I am allergic. Your own opinion is what I asked for. . . .

When people like Marion Milner, or myself for that matter, write papers, we do not write them in order to show each time that we have grasped Melanie Klein’s contributions to theory, but we write them because of an original idea that needs ventilating.’[Rodman, 1987]”

convert: to bring over from one belief, view, or party to another
They tried to convert us to their way of thinking.

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“Her article On counter-transference, presented at the Psychoanalytical Congress in 1949 in Zurich, led to a rift with the Kleinian group of analysts because she presented a different view of the importance of countertransference. Melanie Klein saw it only as a problem of the therapeutic process. Paula Heimann, however, saw the emotional reaction of the therapist to their patient as an important tool for the exploration of the latter’s unconscious.”

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"She then turned to the Independents group[3] and was Margarete Mitscherlich's analyst during 1958–59. Alexander Mitscherlich also underwent training analysis with her."

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