Where is the data to measure the pressure of the 'paranoid atmosphere' that Kernberg was talking about?

Arts Its Getting Hot GIF by Randstad Nederland

Is there any ‘value guided living atmosphere’ in acceptance and commitment therapy institutes?

I forgot his name but there was a political scientist wrote about history of psychoanalysis. I don’t like psychoanalytic language being used to criticize groups or living people. People becoming paranoids, narcissistically gratifying themselves as if the writer is not human.


“Ferenczi sought to understand the analyst’s own role in the therapeutic process; he thought that the analysis of the patient entailed also the analysis of the analyst. (Ferenczi was going well beyond the formal requirement that all analysts be themselves analyzed.) Ferenczi was critical of the Berlin school of thinking, which followed Karl Abraham’s over-concentration on abstract theory.”

The trauma of Freud : controversies in psychoanalysis / Paul Roazen.

I was criticizing Winnicott it turns out he was right on many subjects. Such being against obscure rhetoric. He also inspired Adam Phillips and Andre Green. I was also inspired by him at the time but Adam Phillips ruined it later. 😄

He should not have envied Klein too.


It is probably my own projection because I love Mrs Klein very much.


On Kernberg and his 'harsch' tecnique: who needs Kernberg when you have Vamik Volkan?

Nude Academy

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