joie de vivre

I think Melanie Klein wrote envy and gratitude to strengten her leadership. As if everyone is envying Klein in fact only Anna Freud and Joan Riviere were envying her. Donald Winnicott was just jealous which is not an angry feeling. 😄

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One cannot be a daughter, mother and mother in law at the same time to the same person.

As we can see Paula Heimann did not buy her ‘envy is the greatest sin’ rhetoric.

And I am not buying Kernberg’s scientific feelings and quotation marks or Phillips’ quotation marks.

“Also, Fairbairn’s implication that only “bad” object relationships are introjected seems questionable. Fairbairn’s suggestion to replace impulse-psychology by a new psychology of dynamic structures (of the ego) is interesting,

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but I do not feel that the conceptualization of the ego as composed of such dynamic structures invalidates Freud’s instinctual theories of libido and aggression.”

Otto F. Kernberg

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“Melanie Klein’s theory of the ‘manic defence’ against feelings of guilt ultimately due to pre-natal, inborn envy, one of the seven deadly sins, fails to appreciate primary joie de vivre (1957).
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It has moreover a distinctly religious quality, but religion should be kept outside psychoanalysis.”

About children and children-no-longer

Paula Heimann

“joie de vivre (n.)
1889, French, literally “joy of living.””

“On the other hand, there is an opposite school of thought, like that of Ferenczi, which not only acknowledges that the analyst has a wide variety of feelings towards his patient, but recommends that he should at times express them openly.

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In her warm-hearted paper ‘Handhabung der bertragung auf Grund der Ferenczischen Versuche’ (Int. Zeitschr. f. Psychoanal., Bd. XXII, 1936) Alice Balint suggested that such honesty on the part of the analyst is helpful and in keeping with the respect for truth inherent in psycho-analysis. While I admire her attitude, I cannot agree with her conclusions. Other analysts again have claimed that it makes the analyst more ‘human’ when he expresses his feelings to his patient and that it helps him to build up a ‘human’ relationship with him. For the purpose of this paper I am using the term ‘counter-transference’ to cover all the feelings which the analyst experiences towards his patient.”

On Counter-Transference
Paula Heimann

Nude Academy

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