"Lacan finally gives Freud’s thought the scientific concepts it requires.
—Louis Althusser,; Ecrits sur la psychanalyse (1993, p. 50)

Lacan is, as he himself says, a crystal-clear author.
—Jean-Claude Milner; Uoeuvre claire (1995, p. 7)"

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"Harry Woolf: May I ask if this fundamental arithmetic and this topology are not in themselves a myth or merely at best an analogy for an explanation of the life of the mind?

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Jacques Lacan: Analogy to what? “S” designates something which can be written exactly as this S. And I have said that the “S” which designates the subject is instrument, matter, to symbolize a loss. A loss that you experience as a subject (and myself also). In other words, this gap between one thing which has marked meanings and this other thing which is my actual discourse that I try to put in the place where you are, you as not another subject but as people that are able to understand me. Where is the analogon?

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Either this loss exists or it doesn’t exist. If it exists it is only possible to designate the loss by a system of symbols. In any case, the loss does not exist before this symbolization indicates its place. It is not an analogy.

It is really in some part of the realities, this sort of torus. This torus really exists and it is exactly the structure of the neurotic.

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It is not an analogon; it is not even an abstraction, because an abstraction is some sort of diminution of reality, and I think it is reality itself. (Lacan 1970, pp. 195-196)”

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"Here again, Lacan gives no argument to support his peremptory assertion that the torus “is exactly the structure of the neurotic” (whatever this means). Moreover, when asked explicitly whether it is simply an analogy, he denies it."

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Fashionable Nonsense

Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science
Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont

“The publication in France of our book Impostures Intellectuelles appears to have created a small storm in certain intellectual circles. According to Jon Henley in The Guardian, we have shown that “modern French philosophy is a load of old tosh.””

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Nonsense in Paris: Althusser, Lacan, Deleuze Fools, Frauds and Firebrands Roger Scruton

“Lacan is saying that the unconscious is structured like a language…when you read Freud, it is obvious that this proposition doesn’t work for a minute.”

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Nude Academy

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