“In Britain, Melanie Klein was to find herself at once the heiress and usurper of Freud—brought to England by Ernest Jones in 1926, twelve years before Freud himself arrived in 1938 accompanied by Anna Freud. Recently published correspondence shows Freud, long before his arrival, troubled by a number of Klein’s theoretical innovations (on the superego, on the sexual development of the girl), but even more concerned about the critiques of his daughter by Klein and her supporters, which he took as a personal affront. When Anna Freud arrived, therefore, she took up a position which was at once laid down —she was the daughter of the founding father of psychoanalysis—and occupied or contested in advance. Who, we might ask in this context, is the legitimate child?”

Negativity in the work of Melanie Klein


Reading Melanie Klein Edited by Lyndsey Stonebridge and John Phillip

“Who, we might ask in this context, is the legitimate child?”

Why we might ask in this context should one be proud of being a ‘legitimate child’? Unlike Anna Freud, Melanie Klein did not need being a ‘legitimate child’ of a ‘strong’ father to be a legitimate theorist. Unlike some ‘good enough parents’ she did not need an imaginary throne.


I miss my Kleinian days. Paula Heimann ruined my Kleinianism. 😒

“Melanie Klein’s theory of the ‘manic defence’ against feelings of guilt ultimately due to pre-natal, inborn envy, one of the seven deadly sins, fails to appreciate primary joie de vivre (1957).
It has moreover a distinctly religious quality, but religion should be kept outside psychoanalysis.”

About children and children-no-longer


Paula Heimann

I can not control people's perceptions about me, unlike Jung I am not an illusionist. 😏😄

“Jung seems to have been politically naive, even stupid, but I must say that what often looks like stupidity can mask prejudice and conviction. In Jung’s case it is not as if others in the field did not try to point out to him at the time where he was going wrong. Wilhelm Reich was among those who denounced Jung, as did Gustav Bally of Zurich, eliciting Jung’s 1934 “Rejoinder to Dr. Bally.””

The trauma of Freud : controversies in psychoanalysis / Paul Roazen.

Jacqueline Rose converted me to Kleinianism and then Adam Phillips converted me to Middle Groupism and now I learn from wikipedia that they had a relationship. 😄

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"Anyone who remains a Freudian, a Kleinian, a Lacanian, a Winnicottian and so on has got stuck in, stuck with, their fear of their chosen Master."

Adam Phillips

Paula Heimann ruined my relationship with Melanie Klein.

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Nude Academy

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