“Grosskurth (1986) reported that when Klein presented “A Study of Envy and Gratitude” for the first time at the Geneva Conference in 1955, Winnicott, “stunned, held his head in his hands, muttering, ‘Oh no, she can’t do this!’ ” (p. 414).”

"When we were in the car, quite suddenly, out of the blue, he said: “If only Melanie Klein had once, just once, said to me that she had learned something from Donald Winnicott, I would be satisfied.”"

Not just dogmatic view of the Winnicott. 😄😂

“When Anna Freud arrived, therefore, she took up a position which was at once laid down —she was the daughter of the founding father [sic] of psychoanalysis—and occupied or contested in advance. Who, we might ask in this context, is the legitimate [sic] child?”
J. Rose

“Kindness—that is, the ability to bear the vulnerability of others, and therefore of oneself—has become a sign of weakness (except of course among saintly people, in whom it is a sign of their exceptionality).”
― Adam Phillips, On Kindness

“Even before the First World War he [Jacob Levy Moreno] had organized the prostitutes of Vienna into groups through which they could achieve their proper rights as citizens and cease to be treated as the detritus of bourgeois and’ aristocratic society .”

Jacob Levy Moreno


Father [sic] of psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy

Rene F. Marineau

“How does Ferenczi fit in to the complex field of psychoanalytic theory, praxis, and importantly, personal relationships of which interpersonal psychoanalysis is a part.

As Levenson writes: “Nothing … can be understood outside its time and place, its nexus of relationships” (1972, p. 8).””

The influence of Ferenczi on Interpersonal Psychoanalysis

Robert Prince

Ferenczi’s Influence on Contemporary Psychoanalytic Traditions

"Anger, then, is only for the engaged; for those with projects that matter."
— Adam Phillips (The Beast in the Nursery: On Curiosity and Other Appetites)

If Lacan is the villian of your story you may have a hard time to speak your message to some genius people.

The Goldbergs Son GIF by TV Land

“What will come of this new attitude within Lacanian circles is uncertain. Personally, I am
convinced that, to quote the last sentence of my book (Lugrin, 2012), without the violence of Freud’s desire, psychoanalysis would not exist; but without that of Ferenczi, would it still exist?

Yves Lugrin

“Why did Noam Chomsky call Jacques Lacan, who was a very influential psychoanalyst, a “charlatan”, given that Lacan even used numerous areas of mathematics (such as topology and number theory) in his work?”

Because he was envious of his “influence”. 😄

“Roudinesco: `Lacan was a seducer, not a dictator'”

The Office Creed GIF

Maybe Chomsky who is a pencil-and-paper theoretician who wouldn’t know Jabba the Hutt from the Cookie Monster (according to Steven Pinker) failed to understand those hard to understand subjects such as ‘number theory’ and ‘topology’?

Nude Academy

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