4th of July

If Lacan is a conversion rhetoritician criticizing him all the time is also a conversion. Always in the conversation that goes nowhere but being about Christianity.

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It is the same with Nietzsche. God is dead as if there is one true god that is the christian god and 'we' will discuss what shall 'we' do now that god is dead. According to non christians Nietzsche's god never lived.

Not my problem.

So Nietzsche was not a phililosopher and was also not a poet. He is a Bible study guy. That is why he could not flirt with Salome. Why would she buy that rhetoric? 😄

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She has already been running away from some form of christianity. Why would she believe in Nietzsche's 'god is dead' Bible?

It was not good enough for her.

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This is why Le Guin is not good enough for me. She was also writing about the theme: in the beginning was the word, change will start in the word. Converse like a christian live in capitalism. Dream in her books about anarchism.

Change will not start with empty words.

It started for her though. She sold books became famous. And called a genius by some christian literary authority.

I did not see any genius in her texts. Only Lacanism.

Even Robert Jordan was not good enough for me who the fuck is Le Guin?

Le Guin's power seems inescapable.


It is escapable actually. Do not read her do not buy her books. Do not believe in her words.


I do not see myself capable of criticizing Dostoyevski’s work. 🤷‍♂️

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