Ogre Magi

"On Frenczi's recommendation, Melanie Klein read Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams."

Ferenczi symbolizes two headed guy because he had more brains than Freud. Ogre Magi has two heads.

Freud with beards and magic cards on the other hand symbolizes his cult leader friend Carl Jung who ‘knows’ that there is a god, envious of Lou Salome who actually knew Nietzsche.

You can not criticize Freud having a Nietzschean mind since Nietzsche’s god is not dead in Einstein’s universe (real universe). Jung did not understand physics but he understood how to use ‘physics’ in his pseudopsychology.

Astronomy is not astrology you genius.

“He was the first to make the semantic distinction between astronomy and astrology[36] and, in a later work, wrote a refutation of astrology, in contradistinction to the legitimate science of astronomy, for which he expresses wholehearted support. Some suggest that his reasons for refuting astrology relate to the methods used by astrologers being based upon pseudoscience rather than empiricism and also to a conflict between the views of the astrologers and those of the orthodox theologians of Sunni Islam.”

It turns out people did not like men with two heads at that time.

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I was always extremely respectful of Otto Kernberg’s work but I could not stomach Chomsky’s words. 😄

I also could not stomach Adam Phillips’s questions about Winnicott to Marion Milner.

Well Whats Wrong With That Demond Wilson GIF

Perhaps this might be read as Jung’s envy of Freud’s daughter Anna…”

People talk about envy all the time. 😄

““Positive” from its Latin meaning comes from “positum” – the things set in front of you in terms of the factual thing, the ‘whole’ thing. Here, it means the combination of good and bad things, strengthening and weakening aspects, etc…”


“Yıllardır, hiç yabancısı olmadığımız iki tavrın, haset ve şükranın, en erken kaynaklarıyla ilgilenmekteyim.”

Nude Academy

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