“On a low table in my [Melanie Klein] analytic room there are laid out a number of small and simple toys – little wooden men and women, carts, carriages, motor-cars, trains, animals, bricks, and houses, as well as paper, scissors and pencils.”

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“Within this atmosphere, her informal method became more standardized into a specific technique. Despite a frosty response when she approached the pioneering Hermine Hug-Hellmuth (1871–1924), Melanie’s developments were ground-breaking.

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Hug-Hellmuth was an aristocratic Viennese school-teacher who had made use of Freud’s ideas since 1912 by applying them to create a kind of psychoanalytic pedagogy."

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"She saw children in their own home and, like Melanie Klein later, she drew attention to children’s play rather than the conversational method used with Little Hans. By 1924 she had become the authority on psychoanalytic work with children."

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“The suspicion was compounded in 1924 when Melanie Klein gave a lecture in Vienna on the new technique and her discoveries. In that year, Hermine Hug-Hellmuth who had pioneered psychoanalytic interventions with children, using her adopted child Rolf, was murdered – by Rolf now grown-up (a fairly strong indicator against analyzing one’s own children!).”

Introducing Melanie Klein – A Graphic Guide

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