“If we are to become able to be the analysts of psychotic patients we must have reached down to very primitive things in ourselves.
― Donald Woods Winnicott, (from “Hate in the Transference,” 1947)


“Grosskurth (1986) reported that when Klein presented “A Study of Envy and Gratitude” for the first time at the Geneva Conference in 1955, Winnicott, “stunned, held his head in his hands, muttering, ‘Oh no, she can’t do this!’ ” (p. 414).”


“In the 1930s, Balint believed that “with his new technique, Ferenczi managed to penetrate the human mind to a depth that no one had done before” (Balint, 2000[1933], p. 153).”

Not just the dogmatic view of the ‘good enough‘ Jedi masters.

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Nietzsche was converting people into Christianity.

God is dead, there is nothing to fear anymore…

But it was not truth because Nietzsche can not tell people if 'truth' needs gods or not, and the 'god' was christian god.

Other gods are not like your ‘god’ mr. Whip.



“Tell me what you fear and I will tell you what has happened to you.”

— Donald Woods Winnicott

“Melanie Klein, of whom I had heard and had had some chance of observing from a distance on one or two occasions, was a handsome, dignified and somewhat intimidating woman.”



“She told me that a year after she arrived, de Saussure and Gressot approached her and asked her to be “more Freudian and less aggressive”—and, if possible, to avoid talking so much about Melanie Klein.”


“Lacan (who I met several times and considered an amusing and perfectly self-conscious charlatan, though his earlier work, pre-cult, was sensible and I’ve discussed it in print)”

Noam Chomsky

Everyone is a whore, Joan Riviere, we are just ‘playing and reality‘ing different parts of ourselves, not ‘envying and gratitude‘ing.

Nude Academy

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