Arts and sciences

In 1999, august 17, there was an atmosphere of a destruction of a religion in my area.

Then I understood what a real wave meant.

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Kernberg would not understand these kinds of atmospheres because he is not a physicist.

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But I think he would understand what a charlatan meant if he had listened to some linguists.

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By the way even if Kernberg offers his education as a gift to me, what he is selling I am not buying.

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"Pioneering psychoanalyst Melanie Klein encountered many artists in her life who wished to photograph, paint or sculpt her. Klein had a complicated relationship with these artists and the representations they created and Roger Amos has put together a comprehensive review…"

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“During his research, he discovered that Klein had destroyed two significant works of art depicting herself: one a bust by the same sculptor as the low relief profiles, Oscar Nemon, and the other a portrait by William Coldstream.”

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However, if psychoanalysts, by using Winnicottian magic, find a way to resurrect Melanie Klein and Lou Salome I would like to be educated by them.

Nude Academy

psikoserum tarafından yayımlandı

Kocaeli Üniversitesi Psikolojik Danışmanlık ve Rehberlik

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