We are done… :D

“..without the violence of Freud’s desire, psychoanalysis would not exist; but without that of Ferenczi, would it still exist?”

Yves Lugrin


“…who are all too afraid of Freud to behave objectively…”

Sandor Ferenczi


Some people are still propogating fear from Freud. Einstein was not afraid of him. Understanding Einstein is serious work though. It is not like searching for the ‘true meaning of beyond the pleasure principle‘.


I think I know why people do not call Lacan a charlatan like Chomsky, by hiding it as a 'secret' they create an unspoken 'truth', so people who know the 'truth' can have power on others who do not know the 'truth'. It is invented by Nietzsche.

Speaking for the 'truth' and it's 'needs'. Salome did not buy that 'truth'. Lacan converted this to 'the real'.

So people who know that Lacan was a charlatan but by not saying it explicitly can have a hierarchical privilege on others.

It is like a false believer in a religion. He does not believe in god, but knows how to speak for god, knows the language and can have power on believers.

It is not a joke because some Lacanians actually believe that ‘the real’ does not care about biology. So what is the point of learning biology or any other science?

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