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People are still studying "master therapist" Freud, who knows what there is beyond pleasure, brave man who even dared to use cocain to make his genius brain work in maximum capacity, he thought so fast, even faster than the speed of light.

Einstein did not buy that mastery. 😄

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Jung bought it though because he knew the power of symbols, astrology, tarot cards, thrones, arkhetypes, knowledge of the existence. He did not even feel the need to believe in god because he knew he existed. If he did not exist how would Nietzsche kill him, murderer of all. 😄

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Winnicott on the other hand believed in some other cult's god he did not believe in Jung's knowledge of god, smarter man.

Too bad he lost to Melanie Klein and John Bowlby. Because they knew that playing is not reality and creativity is not magic and Winnie was wearing a mask.

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"Donald Winnicott, who was always extremely respectful of Melanie Klein's work, could not stomach the notion of envy."

Introducing Melanie Klein
A Graphic Guide


"Most notably, there is a long-standing tradition in our field of studying “master therapists,” those who routinely help clients achieve exceptionally good outcomes (Shapiro, 1987).

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The process entails studying the superstar therapist, observing what s/he does, and then teaching others to emulate it.

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The downfall, according to Shapiro, is that imitating the exact behaviors of a successful therapist does not take into account that what works for one therapist may not work for another."

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If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Nude Academy

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