Minority view

I feel alone on my interest on Samuel Alexander. I think he is Great. ­čśä

Not as in Alexander the Great but the Greatest Artist in Mike great.

I think most people were green with envy when they saw Mike's work.

I think if Winnicott saw people who witnessed Mike's work he would be greener than them because he is envious the great. He was the greatest artist who did not have the concept of envy because the greatest artist does not have any concept. Maybe Winnicott could master the nude.

Maybe I am wrong because envy towards other people’s envy may not be meta-envy but merely a repetition of feelings.


"Alexander spoke of himself as an "Ottoman," i.e. a sympathizer with Rudolf Otto's view of religion as stemming from feelings of reverence for the holy, rather than from expicit moral and theological beliefs."

Space Time and Deity

Samuel Alexander (1859-1938)


Natalie Portman studied psychology in Harvard. ­čś▓ Some people say she does not have a phd. ­čś▓

Keira Knightley looks like her but I don't think she can replace Portman. ­čśä

Thanks to psychoanalysis I changed myself into being more interested in other people’s lives.

I thought I would be more insightful but I am more outsightful now. Sometimes things change so rapidly that one needs to keep up.

Taylor Swift Try To Keep Up GIF


Language is not evolved for communication.

Luke Skywalker GIF by Star Wars




Galit Atlas tells a very different story about the world, my reference is the stories I was told before. I am not interested in what will be written in Yves Lugrin’s new book anymore. I have limited time so I am less interested in careers, more interested in sincerity.

Nude Academy

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