Act hunger

"Act hunger: The conscious or unconscious need to give expression to emotional
tension through enaction."

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"Audience: All those members of a psychodrama group who are not directly involved in an enactment as protagonist, auxiliaries or director."

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"Auxiliary or Auxiliary ego: A group member who is (usually) chosen by the protagonist to take a role in a psychodrama enactment."

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"Creativity: One of the cornerstones of psychodrama theory (the other is spontaneity). To be creative is to respond constructively to new situations. Creativity is an innate human characteristic which can become blocked. Psychodrama is a way of freeing these blocks."

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"Co-therapy/co-therapist: When two therapists work together leading a group as equals, they are co-therapists. Sometimes 'co-therapist' refers to a junior member of such a team, the other being called 'therapist', but this usage is increasingly unusual."

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"Director: The person who works with the protagonist to guide the course of a psychodrama. Loosely, the leader of a psychodrama group."

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Nude Academy

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