Beautiful women

"In this respect, Winnicott alluded to the tension felt by many psychoanalysts at that time, who believed that Bowlby had abandoned the principles of orthodox psychoanalysis (cf. Grosskurth, 1986)."

“On one occasion she (Milner) said to me ‘Winnicott really believed, you know, that playing was the only real reality … he thought play, all creativity was sheer magic … that if people can play, anything can happen’.”

Adam Phillips

"Grosskurth (1986) reported that when Klein presented "A Study of Envy and Gratitude" for the first time at the Geneva Conference in 1955, Winnicott, "stunned, held his head in his hands, muttering, 'Oh no, she can't do this!' " (p. 414)."

"Winnicott understood the importance of parties for his colleagues, in contrast with the rather precious attitudes of some of them. I remember particularly his pleasure in the party he helped to arrange for Melanie Klein’s seventy-fifth birthday."

"This was followed by a party for Joan Riviere’s seventieth birthday in 1958— which was more tricky to organize because Joan Riviere did not want to invite Melanie Klein to it."

"I think Paula Heimann helped to sort the situation out and Mrs Klein came to it for a short time."

"Donald Winnicott, who was always extremely respectful of Melanie Klein's work, could not stomach the notion of envy."

Introducing Melanie Klein A Graphic Guide

"At the court hearing Jones maintained his innocence, claiming the girls were fantasising about any inappropriate actions by him. The magistrate concluded that no jury would believe the testimony of such children and Jones was acquitted."

"Bowlby writes that the aim of psychotherapy with “false self” individuals is:

“To provide, by being ourselves, the conditions in which a patient of this kind can discover and recover what Winnicott calls his real self, and I call his attachment desires and feelings”"

One might speculate Donald Winnicott was just an envious pediatrician who liked to party with beautiful women

Luke Skywalker GIF by Star Wars

One might ask 'what's wrong with being an envious pediatrician who likes to party with beautiful women'?

I Dont Understand What Wrong With It Julianne Moore GIF

Nude Academy

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