Freud for historians

"I have no intention of reading a psychoanalytic historian like Judith Hughes who heavily draws on the English school, or a Kleinian biographer like Phyllis Grosskurth, out of the club."


“I have come to recognize that any effort to unite Marx and Freud could only lead to a shotgun marriage with calamitous consequences for both.”


"Freud once said that the biographer is bound to fall in love with his subject; the autobiographer, I suspect, is only rarely exempt from this infatuation."



“Mental products in this comprehensive sense emerge as compromises. Hence the psychoanalytic history of ideas is the counterpart of the social history of ideas, the one complementing and completing the other. Actually, as will, I trust, become plain in the course of my argument, the two are really the same kind of history glimpsed from different vantage points, steps taken in tandem on the road to total history, the science of memory.”


"My analysis and my courses did not generate whatever historical imagination I possess, they stimulated it. The profits of Freud came unexpectedly, undramatically,

building on what was already there. After a time they became, not exactly addictive, but comfortable, easy and natural."


"But even if Freud should turn out to have been a consummate and consistent villain, his work stands on its own."

Freud for Historians – Peter Gay

Nude Academy

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