Time machine

Shopenhauer called Hegel a charlatan.

Einstein should have called Freud a charlatan.

Bowlby should have called Winnicott a charlatan.


I used to joke a about inventing the time machine because I was in mechanical engineering. What I realized later in my group psychotherapy process was I was the time machine looking at my past and other people’s past.

You don’t need a real time machine to read Aristotle.

Time machine 'thought experiments' are used to hide historical realities.

Such as 'would you kill baby hitler?'.

As if it is a real solution to what happened in the past or what is happening today.

Prison experiment about obedience and removing personal responsibility in groups was also a fraud. You can search for it.

As if people are not only trying to save hitler they also trying to save his followers. It was not your fault kind of saving. It was your fault. It still is.


Do not confuse book worms with book snakes.

Snake Cell Phone GIF


“In fact, if you’re not prepared to die when you’re almost sixty, then I would say you’ve been falling down on your philosophical responsibilities as a grown-up human being.”

― Barbara Ehrenreich, Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth about Everything

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