Father of psychoanalysis

“Ferenczi also questioned Freud’s own motivation:

Is Freud really convinced, or does he have a compulsion to cling too strongly to theory as a defense against self-analysis, that is, against his own doubts? It should not be forgotten that Freud is not the discoverer of analysis but that he took over something ready-made, from Breuer. Perhaps he followed Breuer in a logical, intellectual fashion, and not with any emotional conviction; consequently he only analyzes others, but not himself. Projection.”


“Plenty of evidence has long existed to support Ferenczi’s complaint that Freud’s pessimism about therapy was unacceptable, but Ferenczi was close enough to go further in interpreting Freud’s character:

The ease with which Freud sacrifices the interests of women in favor of male patients is striking. This is consistent with the unilaterally androphile orientation of his theory of sexuality … ."


"Louis Breger has observed that in the Studies, "Freud is looking for a grand theory that will make him famous and, because of this, he is always fastening on what he thinks will be a single cause of hysteria, such as sexual conflict…

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Breuer, on the other hand, writes about the many factors that produce symptoms, including traumas of a variety of kinds. He also gives others, such as Pierre Janet, credit and argues for “eclecticism”; he is open to many different ways of understanding and treating hysteria.""

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