"First: not only does he deal with Nietzsche, Rilke, and Freud; we also encounter an amazing array of other German and Austrian writers and scholars.

It is scarcely an exaggeration to say that Lou's friendships approximate a Who Was Who of Central European intellectual life during the half-century between 1880 and 1930."


"Binion shows what her relationship to Nietzsche did to Lou, and he shows how it was not by any means, as had been widely supposed, significant for Nietzsche only and at most a passing fancy for Lou."


"He demonstrates its lasting impact on her life and work, and shows how her fiction and some of her later friendships represent repeated attempts to cope with her rejection by Nietzsche."


""Frau Lou" to a new acquaintance in her middle years, Lou Andreas-Salome urged: "Please call me this, as do my friends, instead of the three long names!""


"Psychoanalytic from the first, my investigative method became— in Freud's word—"metapsychological" toward the last under pressure from my material. That is, in order to make sense of Lou's mental acts I had to ignore her own sense of them in the final reckoning."


"Metapsychology does not have direct clinical and technical applications. Everyone knows excellent analysts who ignore it; more or less deliberately."

Andre Green
Life Narcissism
Death Narcissism


"Lou’s challenge to Freud and psychoanalysis did not lack zest, she said in 1921:

“Let me not take Freud’s ideas on female libido—too seriously” (Andreas-Salomé 1921, p. 10),

laying firm foundations for the challenge to patriarchal theory."



“To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.”

— Tom Robbins (Jitterbug Perfume)

Nude Academy

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