Rivers and boats

"Such in outline is the official theory. I shall often speak of it, with deliberate abusiveness, as
―the dogma of the Ghost in the Machine."

The Blank Slate
The Modern Denial of Human Nature
Steven Pinker


I remember the first time I watched this movie when I was 18 some classmate told me that it was about zionism and the debate ended there.

I thought it was about plato's cave.

I should not have read that philosophy book my teacher gave me when I was in high school.


Kleinian reality:

Lacanian 'reality':


“I have mentioned my relation to my brother, who seemed to me superior in every way to myself, not only because at 9 or 10 years of age, he seemed quite grown-up, but also because his gifts were so unusual that I feel that whatever I have achieved is nothing in comparison to what he could have done. From a very early age I heard the most beautiful piano-playing, because he was deeply musical, and I have seen him sitting at the piano and just composing what came into his mind. He was a self-willed and rebellious child and, I think, not sufficiently understood. He seemed at loggerheads with his teachers at the gymnasium, or contemptuous of them, and there were many controversial talks with my father.

One of the always recurring topics was that my brother maintained that there was nothing in Schiller and that Goethe was everything that counted, when my father grew very angry and quoted whole passages out of Schiller’s work, which he admired. I remember him saying, in his anger, that Goethe was a charlatan, who tried to dabble in science.”

Melanie Klein


Why do Vamık Volkan, who is a very influential psychoanalyst, quotes Donald Winnicott, as if he is some magical author?

Are we really living in Greek Mythology?

Why did Donald Winnicott, given that he was just a pediatrician, think that playing was the only real reality, that he could help anyone and everyone, and that he was magic?


I think people do not care about what psychoanalysis is, but are using it as a medium to voice their concerns about the world.

I came to this conclusion when I read Galit Atlas.

I believe Galit Atlas's stories because she is not only a psychoanalyst but also an art therapist.

I think she is like Melanie Klein who could see through the lies of Sandor Ferenczi, Donald Winnicott, Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud.


“The urge to transform one's appearance, to dance outdoors, to mock the powerful and embrace perfect strangers is not easy to suppress.”
― Barbara Ehrenreich, Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy



Reconstruction of Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle based on her bust.

Nude Academy

psikoserum tarafından yayımlandı

Kocaeli Üniversitesi Psikolojik Danışmanlık ve Rehberlik

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