Writing Cures


“Definitions of ‘writing therapy’ Defining ‘writing therapy’ is difficult: it is ‘a useful but vague and poorly defined technique’ in Riordan’s (1996:263) summary. Neither is there one neat theoretical model or set of empirical findings to guide the use of therapeutic writing. References to parallels with other expressive and creative therapies, art, movement, drama and music, for example, are clear but there is little systematic explanation as to why writing therapy has not developed to the same extent. For the purposes of this review, I will define writing therapy as ‘client expressive and reflective writing, whether self-generated or suggested by a therapist/researcher’. Therefore, the use of writing by the therapist about the client, such as in case notes or in farewell letters, is not included. The ‘humanities’ paradigm

The National Association for Poetry Therapy (USA) represents the most developed of the therapies, which uses creative writing (see e.g. Longo 1996). Standards and ethical guidelines are in place in the USA for certified poetry therapists and registered poetry therapists (Mazza 1993:51). Mazza extends an earlier research agenda for poetry therapy and suggests that both quantitative and qualitative research methods are needed at this interface of the arts and psychology.”

Jeannie K.Wright


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