Children of Mother Earth


First, let’s break out our step into its component parts:

Grounding – Getting in touch with the Earth.

Centering – Getting in touch with ourselves.

Merging – Getting in touch with each other.


Grounding is the name for the process of mentally or psychically linking oneself to the Earth. It involves a connection that can be experienced as physical; we feel our bodies connected to the ground beneath us, almost as though we were rooted to the spor. Grounding is a basic and necessary first step in ritual, meditation, prayer, and psychic work of any kind. It is also useful in many ordinary situations. A friend who was involved in the New Age movement once remarked to me that she’d observed far too many people who focused on meditations involving the top of their heads. She said these people were only interested in reaching for outer space so Preliminary Steps it was no wonder they were such airheads! She had begun teaching people to begin with their feet first, and only then “reach for the clouds.”

She was talking about grounding. Grounding helps psychically sensitive people “stay in touch.” By setting up a feet-first, physical connection to the Earth, they don’t feel painfully buffeted about by their sensitivities. It helps the emotionally sensitive person maintain an even keel, as well.

People who routinely meditate, participate in rituals, or in healings, without first grounding are likely to experience a number of unpleasant side effects. Headaches, exhaustion, and loss of appetite are common. In fact, some people, over long periods of time, can become pale and emaciated, as though they don’t inhabit their bodies at all. Healers (whether they practice psychic arts, such as laying on of hands, or more conventional ones, such as massage or psychotherapy) who fail to ground often find themselves acquiring their patients’ symptoms-sometimes for mere moments, sometimes for days or longer.


So many people refer to grounding and centering together that they have come to think of it as one process. In fact, grounding and centering are two different things. Grounding gets you in touch with physical reality and allows you to draw energy from (or drain energy into) the Earth. Centering, on the other hand, gets you in touch with yourself.

Centering is a process of finding out who and where you are. It involves increasing your holistic perception-that you are a whole person, not just a collection of parts. Where grounding is a connecting experience, centering is often a soothing one. To center is to locate that part of ourselves where we perceive our true and whole self to reside, the center of our spirit, and to function from and with that center. Life is often reactive; to be centered is to behave based on free will at all times, not in response to stimuli. Grounding and centering are equally necessary-one to connect us with a foundation, the other to connect us with our source. Centering is a process that inherently acknowledges immanent deity; we need to be in touch with ourselves in order to do right, to behave well, to be a part of sacred space.


This step is necessary only in a group ritual-when you are practicing as a solitary Witch, you have connected by centering, but when you are practicing as a coven or other group, you need to connect to the others as well as to your own center. Group magic cannot work properly unless everyone is “on the same wavelength,” unless people are united in purpose and intent, and willing to be influenced by one another.

Suppose, for example, that you wished to do a spell to get Marge a new home. You are visualizing Marge in a cozy little suburban Cape Cod, but the guy next to you is picturing Marge in an urban apartment, and the woman next to him is picturing Marge in a sprawling ranch house. Get it together, people! Obviously, you should have discussed exactly what kind of home Marge is going for before beginning the spell. But suppose you have discussed it, suppose you’ve settled on the Cape Cod. Now you’re picturing Marge gardening, the man next to you is picturing her working on her home computer in the bedroom of the Cape Cod, and the woman next to him is picturing Marge shaking hands with the realtor while seeing the new home for the first time. This could go on forever; your pictures aren’t connecting up, and your energies are scattered into a bunch of individual streams with no meeting place.

If you had merged, you’d be more connected to each other. After you’d discussed the spell enough to know what Marge wants, you’d be better able to make the different pictures of buying and living in a new home connect into a whole. Merging is that which makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Sometimes merging is about tolerance and acceptance. Maybe one person wants ro drum, two people want to chant, and one person wants to visualize silently-if you are functioning solely as individuals, this is a conflict. Maybe you’ll put it to a vote drumming, chanting, or meditation? But if you’ve merged you can see that you can all work together, that these different activities can flow into a single group activity. This is because you’re perceiving yourselves as united, and you can perceive that drumming gives chanting a beat, that chanting gives drumming some variety and interest, and that both can be a focusing background music to meditation. Three different activities can be perceived as one because you are open to one another and connected to the concept of each supporting the other. It’s important to know the conditions of merging-what it is that unites this group. If you know each other well, you will be merged in love and trust. But even if you’ve never met before you are united in your love of the gods and your intent to worship Them. You can be united by your name (“We are the Puppydog coven”), by your geographic location, by a cause, or by a ritual tradition.

When you merge you are connecting back to the infinite web, to the strands of connection that unite us all, and to the knowledge that ultimately we are all one thing-the children of Mother Earth-and participants in the energy of creation.”

Deborah Lipp

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