Is Witchcraft safe?

“Concepts such as magic may be unfamiliar to you, and therefore you may be wondering if Witchcraft is safe. You may be worried that it’s like using drugs, and can lead to insanity or mental instability. Or perhaps it can lead to spiritual problems.

Indeed, some people who write about magic insist that it is a potentially dangerous power, and should never be used except under the supervision of an established expert. Those kinds of ideas can be unsettling, especially to parents whose children are interested in the old religion.

Naturally, an element of risk exists in all human endeavor. You cannot get in a car or board an airplane without assuming some degree of risk. But Witchcraft is certainly not risky in that sense. Because Witches believe it is wrong to harm others, going to a Wiccan ritual is entirely safe on a physical level. Any risk that would come out of attending a Witch ritual would be something not directly related to Wicca. For example, if the ritual were held in an unsafe neighborhood, there would be a risk of getting mugged. But that same risk would be there if you attended a Christian event in the same area.

Could Witchcraft be dangerous and harmful on a psychological level? No more so than any other religion. Probably the biggest risk associated with Witchcraft is that someone would become so caught up in the world of rituals and mythology that they neglect other aspects of their life. But that kind of behavior could just as easily happen to someone who becomes a Christian zealot or who gets obsessed about any other pursuit.

Spiritually, Wicca is one of the safest of religions, since it promotes personal responsibility and intellectual liberty. Unlike a cult, Wicca and other forms of Paganism do not require a person to believe or behave in a certain way.

Any dangers that could possibly be associated with Witchcraft are just the normal risks of being alive. Indeed, most Witches would argue that their religion is highly safe, promoting positive values such as love, trust, and healing. It bases its ethics on taking personal responsibility for one’s own happiness and well-being. These kinds of values are consistent with what many psychologists would say are necessary for good mental health. If Witchcraft helps you to become more loving, more trusting, and more self-reliant, then it is not only a safe activity, but actually one that promotes mental health and personal wellness.”

Carl McColman

A Guide to Witchcraft and Paganism for Concerned Friends, Nervous Parents, and Curious Co-workers

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