“3-4. Nietzsche and Freud are essentially historians. Nietzsche, the philologist, circled around analysis and interpretation of past events; Freud, the physician, circled around anamnesis, the traumatic origins of mental disturbances. They are both Psychoanalysts in that they considered mental catharsis as arising from the reflection of the past and this the more accurate the latter was reflected and the further back they succeeded in penetrating it. They recommended this returning, remembering, and analyzing as a therapy in itself. To them the “now and here” seemed superficial. They did not know what to do with the moment. They did not take the moment in earnest. It seemed to them that the only thing to do with the moment and its conflicts is to explain them, that is, to discover the associations back to their causes. The other alternative would have appeared an absurdity to them: to live, to act in the moment, to act unanalyzed. It would have seemed to be the end of psychology and of the psychologist . Spontaneous acting would have been refused by them because it appears to be an affirmation of immaturity, of childhood, of unconscious living, -a dangerous respect for just that which the psychologist tried to illumine. But there is an alternative: to develop a technique from the moment upward in the direction of spontaneous evolution, in the direction of life and time. “Rede über den Augenblick” (Speech about the moment), J. L . Moreno (ed) , 1923 . See bibliography.”

Who Shall Survive?

A New Approach to the Problem of Human Relations

Jacob Levy Moreno

Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Co. Washington, D. C. 1934

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