Gaia and the New Politics of Love

“Feminist humanities professor Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio has woven together fact and theory from widely disparate fields to present a case for the value of polyamory and other nonnormative sexualoving expressions to preserve human life on planet Earth. She views polyamory as a school for love that teaches a way of feeling and thinking that is crucial for our survival as we enter the twenty-first-century.

One of the central themes of her Gaia and the New Politics of Love2 is the utility of the hypothesis originally put forth in scientific terms by James Lovelock3 and Lynn Margulis and widely adopted by ecofeminist philosophers, neopagans and others that planet Earth, or Gaia, is not mere inert matter but has a consciousness like an animated, self-regulating organism. This point of view has been pervasive among indigenous people the world over for millennia and is the basis for all nature-based spirituality. Anderlini- D’Onofrio traces the development of modern religious and scientific thought that views Earth as an inert object. This worldview happens to correlate both with the rise of monogamous marriage as the only legitimate sexual expression and, as many observers have noted, with the increasingly life-threatening destruction of our environment.

The value of accepting the Gaia hypothesis, she asserts, is that it moves us away from a course of irreversible environmental destruction and human suffering and toward greater justice and ecosocial sustainability. In her words, “Hypothesizing Gaia in our era is like hypothesizing heliocentrism in Galileo’s. It helps the world shed needless fears from current dogmas, like the idea that love is a crime or a disease, or that we need to fight preventative wars against terrifying enemies, and it gets us to look reality in the face.”4

Deborah Anapol – Polyamory in 21st century

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