Strategic point of view

“From our point of view, it is a decisively important difference between “feeling” and “understanding”, because there is a dated misconception regarding people: “they need to understand something in order to change it” even though we are faced every day with proof that this is not so. Every single one of us has, at sometime or another, felt the frustration of wanting to free ourselves from something but being unable to do so. For example, we understand well that we are sharing our life with the wrong person, so we would like to break free, but we feel that we are so attached to that person that we cannot take such a step. Is there a better proof that shows the difference between feeling and understanding?

From a strategic point of view, therapy should aim to make the person feel differently towards something and not understand it differently; to change the perception regarding something and not to change the cognition, because if the perception is changed then the emotional reaction will change, thus changing the behavioural reaction and, as a final effect, eventually changing the cognition. The great majority of psychotherapies work to change cognition, behaviour or emotions. But that which triggers off every process is what we feel, how we perceive, and all the rest follows.”


Reason cannot defeat emotion, an emotion can only be displaced or overcome by a stronger emotion.

Baruch Spinoza







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