“The influence of Bachofen’s ideas reached psychiatric circles through various channels, and his influence on dynamic psychiatry has been immense. Turel pointed to certain similarities in the basic concepts of Bachofen and Freud. Bachofen. he wrote, discovered the phenomenon of repression half a century before Freud. One could add that he had also found the phenomenon of reaction formation: he pointed out, in the pictures of battles with the Amazons, that the women warriors were always shown as defeated, wounded. and killed. Bachofen also asserted that, if the Romans destroyed Etruscan culture to its last remains, it was because of their excessive fear and hatred of Etruscan matriarchy. There is a great similarity, Turel says further. between Bachofen and Freud in their concepts of interpreting symbols. Both claim that there is a limit beyond which the memory of the individual or of mankind cannot reach, and this is where Bachofen reconstructs mankind’s history by interpreting myths, and Freud the individual’s history by interpreting symptoms. Baeumler pointed out that (long before Nietzsche and Freud) Bachofen had upset the system of values of nineteenth-century bourgeoisie by showing that the realm of sexual life was not originally subordinated to moral values, but that it had unsuspected dimensions and an elaborate symbolism of its own.

Bachofen’s concept of the origin of Amazonism could also be compared with Freud’s theory of the origin of female homosexuality. Bachofen ‘s influence reached Alfred Adler through the intermediaries, Engels and Bebel. Adler contends that the present oppression of women by men was an overcompensation of the male against a previous stage of female domination. Man internalizes the notion of the ancestral struggle between the sexes. According to Adler, the neurotic, being handicapped by a fear of women. develops within himself a “virile protest,” so that he is, in his neurosis, the plaything of that struggle between the male and female principles. As for C. G. Jung, he most probably had read Bachofen’s main works, and his teaching is filled with concepts that may at least partly be ascribed to Bachofen ‘s influence. such as those of the Anima and Animus, the “old wise man,” and the “magna mater.””

The Discovery of the Unconscious

Henri F. Ellenberger

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