“But as long as this is unproven, we have no grounds for ruling out the richest of all sources of cognition (namely inner and outer experience), and restricting ourselves to contentless forms just when we are faced with the most important and difficult of all tasks. This is why I say that the solution to the riddle of the world must come from an understanding of the world itself; that the task of metaphysics is not to skim over that experience in which the world exists, but rather to understand it from the ground up, since both outer and inner experience are certainly the main sources of all cognition; that it is therefore only possible to solve the riddle of the world by linking outer experience to inner experience in the right way and at the right point, and thus effecting a connection between these two such different sources of cognition; still, this can only take place within certain limits that are inseparable fromour finite nature, so that we obtain a proper understanding of the world, but without achieving a complete and self-sufficient explanation of its existence, an explanation that does away with all further problems.”

Arthur Schopenhauer – The World as Will and Representation Volume I

If Schopenhauer was a genius who thinks thoughts about geniuses (no one else can see and hit etc.) how come he did not see that plato was a charlatan with his cave “metaphor”?

The same can be said about the book Alamut, it was just another version of plato’s cave with psychoactive drugs.

I think the word “charlatanism” only applies to “obscurantism” in some circles.

By the way, it is not news when Chomsky calls any obscurantist or a postmodernist a charlatan, it is news when he calls Freud a charlatan.


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