Main reasons why women are so obsessed with Uniform

  • The uniform exudes maturity. Unlike a young lad with his mom’s credit card, a soldier or navy officer will most likely have discipline and know exactly where his income comes from. 
  • Interestingly enough, a soldier, for instance, will have to work on chores, cleaning their rooms and of course, have splendid looking clothes. This trait, transferred into a relationship, means the lady will have an independent man rather than someone who needs a mommy-in-a-girlfriend. Essentially, the uniform translates to a hardworking fellow, regardless of how he looks or how much he earns. 
  • Though many ladies will attest to not needing a man for anything, let alone one who will save them, they appreciate a soldier. It is because that uniform represents one who sacrifices themselves for others. This translates to a gentleman, one who will put her needs before his. 
  • For countless women out there, the uniform per se is what leaves women drooling. The man wearing it may not be as attractive as they would have preferred. Either way, it speaks mystery over commonplace men in jeans and t-shirts.”



Neden Böyle Bilgeyim
Neden Böyle Akıllıyım
Neden Böyle İyi Kitaplar Yazıyorum
Tragedya’nın Doğuşu
Çağdışı Yazılar
İnsanca, Pek İnsanca
Tan Kızıllığı
Şen Bilim
Zerdüşt Böyle Dedi
İyi ve Kötünün Ötesinde
Töre’nin Soykütüğü
Putların Batışı
Wagner Olayı
Neden Bir Yazgıyım Ben”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 


“That the Jew, Karl Marx, could write the same way these anti-Jewish radicals did is only proof of how little this kind of anti Jewish argument had in common with full-fledged antisemitism. Marx as an individual Jew was as little embarrassed by these arguments against “Jewry” as, for instance, Nietzsche was by his arguments against Germany.”

Hannah Arendt


“Rilke met and fell in love with the widely travelled and intellectual woman of letters Lou Andreas-Salomé in 1897 in Munich. He changed his first name from “René” to “Rainer” at Salomé’s urging because she thought that name to be more masculine, forceful and Germanic.”




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