“For most of us, emotional discomfort is transitory because we learn ways of flexibly dealing with the negative ideas (i.e., thoughts and beliefs) that our minds construct. The metacognitive approach is based on the idea that people become trapped in emotional disturbance because their metacognitions cause a particular pattern of responding to inner experiences that maintains emotion and strengthens negative ideas. The pattern in question is called the cognitive attentional syndrome (CAS) which consists of worry, rumination, fixated attention, and unhelpful self-regulatory strategies or coping behaviors.”

Adrian Wells

Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression



“After being released, Lanfear began hunting for Rand al’Thor, Lews Therin reborn. She tracked him by tracing the effects of his being ta’veren on the Pattern. Lanfear spied on Rand’s party as they hunted for the Horn of Valere, and was responsible for sending him, Hurin, and Loial into another world via a Portal Stone. There, she appeared to him in her younger form, a woman in distress named Selene,[5] and was “rescued” by him from a herd of grolm. She led his party to another Portal Stone, and made him channel his way back to his world.

Mistress of Disguises

When she awoke from the seal, she immediately sought Rand out as the Dragon Reborn, the reincarnation of her former lover. She came to him under the guise of Selene, (pronounced: seh-LEEN) a beautiful young woman, and sought to snare him by appealing to his strong desire to protect women who seem helpless. She often used her beauty to try to seduce Rand; she would constantly urge him to grasp glory and power, although he refused. She disappeared near Cairhien, where she claimed to be from, but reappeared to both Perrin Aybara and Matrim Cauthon to try to seduce them with power and glory.”


However immediately we may be aware of the transcendental pattern to the Marshmellows in natural supernaturalist sense…



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