Why is Chidi so indecisive?

Black Skin, White Masks

Black Skin, White Masks was first published in French as Peau noire, masques blancs in 1952 and is one of Fanon’s most important works. In Black Skin, White Masks, Fanon psychoanalyzes the oppressed Black person who is perceived to have to be a lesser creature in the White world that they live in, and studies how they navigate the world through a performance of White-ness. Particularly in discussing language, he talks about how the black person’s use of a colonizer’s language is seen by the colonizer as predatory, and not transformative, which in turn may create insecurity in the black’s consciousness. He recounts that he himself faced many admonitions as a child for using Creole French instead of “real French”, or “French French”, that is, “white” French. Ultimately, he concludes that “mastery of language [of the white/colonizer] for the sake of recognition as white reflects a dependency that subordinates the black’s humanity”.”



“D: Indeed. Now, having accepted that a just economy must respect the limits of Gaia, several things follow. First of all, it implies that our culture must not celebrate material luxury and extravagance as a path to prosperity, because if we all pursued that path, undoubtedly we would exceed the limits of Gaia.

P: Clearly that is so. I am sure, for example, if Epicurus chopped down every tree or plant in his thriving garden in order to sell them at the marketplace, he would think he was rich for a short time… and then feel very poor and foolish when he discovered he had destroyed his own livelihood. Similarly for the national or global scale: if everyone lived affluently, Gaia would surely collapse under the weight of our vain accumulations.”

Samuel Alexander



“Innocently Insensitive: Chidi really cared about the people around him and only wanted to live a moral life, but his tendency to overthink and obsess about taking the right path led to him being so indecisive that he hurt everyone around him.”



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