“In 1762, Le Dictionnaire de l’Académie Française recorded that the term could figuratively describe something “irregular, bizarre or unequal”.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was a musician and composer as well as a philosopher, wrote in 1768 in the Encyclopédie: “Baroque music is that in which the harmony is confused, and loaded with modulations and dissonances. The singing is harsh and unnatural, the intonation difficult, and the movement limited. It appears that term comes from the word ‘baroco’ used by logicians.””


“I mentioned a moment ago that the creative aspect of normal use of language is not a new discovery. It provides one important pillar for Descartes’ theory of mind, for his study of the limits of mechanical explanation. The latter, in turn, provides one crucial element in the construction of the anti-authoritarian social and political philosophy of the Enlightenment. And, in fact, there were even some efforts to found a theory of artistic creativity on the creative aspect of normal language use. Schlegel, for example, argues that poetry has a unique position among the arts, a fact illustrated, he claims, by the use of the term “poetical” to refer to the element of creative imagination in any artistic effort, as distinct, say, from the term “musical,” which would be used metaphorically to refer to a sensual element. To explain this asymmetry, he observes that every mode of artistic expression makes use of a certain medium and that the medium of poetry – language – is unique in that language, as an expression of the human mind rather than a product of nature, is boundless in scope and is constructed on the basis of a recursive principle that permits each creation to serve as the basis for a new creative act. Hence the central position among the arts of the art forms whose medium is language.”

Noam Chomsky – Language and Mind (2006)




Terapistin, danışanın daha önceki seanslarda hissettiği, anlattığı ile şu andaki anlattığı ve hissettiği arasında paralellik kurmasıdır.”


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