blues and oranges

“A screenwriter with an eye for the unusual, it’s no wonder the French-born Guillaume Laurant has spent much of his career collaborating with noted surrealist writer/director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Oddly enough, though, Laurant’s connection with Jeunet came mostly by chance; after dropping out of school, drifting from job to job, and even serving a bit in the army, Laurant says he wrote a screenplay and sent it to Jeunet on a whim, after the bizarre cannibal-themed international hit “Delicatessen (1991),” co-directed by Jeunet with Marc Caro, struck a chord with him. Jeunet saw something in the aspiring writer’s work, and the two collaborated on another dystopian fantasy: the renowned “The City of Lost Children (1995).” Six years later, after working with director Diane Bertrand on the puzzle-like “Un Samedi sur la Terre (1996),” Laurant reteamed with Jeunet for the dreamy love story “Amelie,” another international sensation that scored Laurant an Academy Award nomination and a BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay. Two more well-regarded Jeunet works followed, the similarly dreamy “A Very Long Engagement (2004)” and “Micmacs (2009),” along with a handful of other credits involving different directors. In addition, the word-loving Laurant has published two small novels and conducted screenwriting seminars at film festivals.”


After wasting his time on blues and oranges Engin finally understands (?) the subtexts of his own life revolving around benefactresses, dark rabbits, white rats and gold medals.


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