Bees and ants

"Whether Bowlby did indeed betray psychoanalysis, or breathed new life into it, will form much of the discussion in subsequent chapters." *** If I become a philosopher some day, I will be like Schopenhauer, and call people like Hegel, charlatans. I may also call Nietzsche a charlatan, but I do not need to be a“Bees and ants” yazısının devamını oku

Time is the mind of space

"Martha spent her time helping in the house she shared with her sister, Minna, and their mother. She read and loved the theatre. But her interest in the arts upset Freud, who fretted that as a scientist he had no weapons against artists, saying all they had to do was to write a song for“Time is the mind of space” yazısının devamını oku


*** “I remember him saying, in his anger, that Goethe was a charlatan, who tried to dabble in science.” #melanieklein *** “”Dearest Max, my last request: Everything I leave behind me … in the way of diaries, manuscripts, letters (my own and others’), sketches, and so on, [is] to be burned unread.”[174][175] Brod ignored this request…” ***“Ignore” yazısının devamını oku

The Pinkest

"Chomsky and Arendt know better: as the social rewards of technocracy grow, the special ethos that governs an intellectual credit economy gives way among technocrats to mores more apt to political rule (and, in turn, this infects the academy)." “Chomsky is a pencil-and-paper theoretician who wouldn’t know Jabba the Hutt from the Cookie Monster,” —“The Pinkest” yazısının devamını oku


Nuri Bilge Ceylan'ın bir tane filmini izledim. O zamanlar beğenmiştim. Iklimlerdi sanırım film. Zeki Demirkubuz'un ise bir çok filmini izledim. Bence Nuri Bilge Ceylan'ın filmleri izlemeye değmez. Sonuçta zamanımız sınırlı. "Öyle değil mi yalakalar niye söylemiyorsunuz düşüncelerinizi?" 😄 Interpretetation of pets is the loyal road to the unconcious. Nude Academy

Star Fleet Academy

XIII. ÖNERMEZihinsel bir imge ne kadar başka imgeyle birleşirse o kadar sık canlanır. Kanıtlama: Bir imge ne kadar çok başka imgeyle birleşirse (II. Bölümün 18. Önermesine göre) onu canlandıracak nedenler de o kadar fazlalaşır. Spinoza – Ethica XIII. ÖNERMEZihinsel bir imge ne kadar başka imgeyle birleşirse o kadar sık canlanır. Kanıtlama: Bir imge ne kadar“Star Fleet Academy” yazısının devamını oku


"The word glamour comes from the word grammar, and since the Chomskyan revolution the etymology has been fitting." Steven PinkerThe Language InstinctThe New Science of Language and Mind *** I will spiritualize Chomskyan revolution. *** “However, underneath the glitter and glamourof magic there is another more serious process of psychospiritual transformation.” Magic, Witchcraft and the“Spiritualize” yazısının devamını oku

I see through the drama

Did Freud become übermensch when he wrote übercoca? Maybe there was a confusion of tongues between Salome and Freud. I don’t remember in Yalom’s book Freud using cocain at all. Maybe my memory is decieving me or existantialism is wrong. Lena Dunham is the best. Nude Academy

Thus spoke Dr. Sternin

“Unlike the psychical energy model, it should be noted, object-relational models are derived from clinical experience and from the data obtained during analysis of patients.” John Bowlby – Attachment Grow up Frasier 😄 I love Kelsey Grammer more than psychoanalysts, maybe it is about his surname. Resembles Grammar.😄 Bağlanma Kuramı tiyatro mu? 😀 “ Bir“Thus spoke Dr. Sternin” yazısının devamını oku