John kim ki ya?

"Bion: There is a lot to be said for a phrase which was used by Melanie Klein to me: ‘Psychoanalysis is a meaningless term, but it is available.’" *** "Bowlby writes that the aim of psychotherapy with “false self” individuals is: “To provide, by being ourselves, the conditions in which a patient of this kind“John kim ki ya?” yazısının devamını oku


Some genius people try to make Winnicott great again but we live in post-Bowlbian era. The same people are making up a Winnicottian ‘school’ in their heads but it does not work because the same people quote Ernest Jones as a biographer, which cancels their biographer status. Nude Academy

Bees and ants

"Whether Bowlby did indeed betray psychoanalysis, or breathed new life into it, will form much of the discussion in subsequent chapters." *** If I become a philosopher some day, I will be like Schopenhauer, and call people like Hegel, charlatans. I may also call Nietzsche a charlatan, but I do not need to be a“Bees and ants” yazısının devamını oku

Lacan circle

I think John Bowlby, through his hard work and leadership skills, could calculate the attachment patterns of envious psychoanalysts, in British Psycho-Analytic Society. It seems to me that he was not an envious and rascally person like Donald Winnicott. *** Lacan Circle is an inclusive circle, which includes people who think that Ernest Jones was“Lacan circle” yazısının devamını oku


“…‘Bowlby? Give me Barabbas’ (Grosskurth 1986). The analysts found his patrician manner and ‘orotund’ (Rycroft 1992) delivery offputting, although these may well have been exaggerated in the intimidating atmosphere of the Psycho-Analytical Society at the time.” John Bowlby and Attachment Theory Jeremy Holmes "A criticism that psychodrama seems unnatural." Nude Academy

Nişantaşı normları

“Nossrat Peseschkian’a göre sevme kapasitesi, karşılıklı etkileşimin duygusal içeriğine denktir; sabır, zaman, sevgi, cinsellik, model alma/olma ve güven gibi. Bilme kapasitesi sosyal normları oluşturur; dakiklik, düzenlilik, itaat, başarı, inanç ve adalet gibi. Bu karakteristikler tüm kültürlerde bulunur. Bireyden bireye ve kültürden kültüre değişen şey bunlara verilen değerdir.“ *** *** *** “PPT teorisine göre birincil gerçek“Nişantaşı normları” yazısının devamını oku

Time is the mind of space

"Martha spent her time helping in the house she shared with her sister, Minna, and their mother. She read and loved the theatre. But her interest in the arts upset Freud, who fretted that as a scientist he had no weapons against artists, saying all they had to do was to write a song for“Time is the mind of space” yazısının devamını oku


*** “I remember him saying, in his anger, that Goethe was a charlatan, who tried to dabble in science.” #melanieklein *** “”Dearest Max, my last request: Everything I leave behind me … in the way of diaries, manuscripts, letters (my own and others’), sketches, and so on, [is] to be burned unread.”[174][175] Brod ignored this request…” ***“Ignore” yazısının devamını oku