Penniless atheist

*** One should not forget the possibility that one can find metaphorical treasures through playing the defence of the ancients too. *** When one reads Lou Salome one can easily see not only Nietzsche's charlatanism but also Freud's problems. Some people say Freud was a penniless atheist but one can neither buy atheism nor buy“Penniless atheist” yazısının devamını oku

Comfort zone

By being a good enough officer in the Starship Enterprise, this character is comforting himself, like Nietzschean genius Freud comforted himself with Jung's letters, cocaine and Salome's poetry. “Albert Einstein, who won the Physics Prize in 1921, refused to endorse Freud’s nomination for the Medicine Prize in 1928.” “My political ideal is that of democracy.“Comfort zone” yazısının devamını oku

Religious man

“Envy is an angry feeling caused by the belief that something desired belongs to another and gives pleasure to them and not to us; the envious drive tends to take that desired thing away from its owner or to spoil it, to pollute it.” Melanie Klein #psikanaliz #psychoanalysis "After coming into contact with a religious“Religious man” yazısının devamını oku

Mother Goose

Carl Jung: “I always recognized Freud’s greatness and genius, but he was extremely headstrong. … Once he said to me: ‘We have to turn the theory of the unconscious into a dogma to make it immovable.’” “Jacques Lacan also considers himself an atheist, having renounced the Catholic religion of his parents. Like Freud he opposes“Mother Goose” yazısının devamını oku


"Perhaps above all it was the young poet Rainer Maria Rilke who was her most enduring addressee. In turn Rilke’s poetry seemed to breathe in her wake (Kleinbard 1993). #psikanaliz This idea, that Lou had singular addressees, perhaps led to a sort of languor in her writing discipline born of the type of everyday communication“Nudes” yazısının devamını oku

Salome on Narcissus

“Finally a third and beautiful narcissism appears: alongside Narcissus who looks in love at his mirrored image (sadly, says the legend, as he must if he is under a neurotic spell), and alongside the second narcissism that does not fit the name, because here Narcissus is not mirrored but becomes—gives birth to himself and in“Salome on Narcissus” yazısının devamını oku